Autonomous Driving – Distance sensor calibration by Samsung

Google modified prius for autonomous driving
Google driver-less car operating on a testing path By:Flckr user jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson) CC2.0

Autonomous Driving or Self Driving

In the last decade, information communication technology and the vehicle industry came together for better driving experience. Now, day by day, the cars are rapidly becoming smarter than expected. Now, the cars aren’t just mechanical machines, rather they are becoming more smarter to the extent that they can drive themselves. We call it, in particular, autonomous driving. Autonomous driving is being most talked about core technology of smart cars.

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AC Distraction – New ‘jazzed’ AC controllers and vents

AC Distracting controls image
Distracting AC control


AC Distraction Issue

Air-conditioning device can easily distract drivers attention from the road, which represents a security risk. There are many efforts taken by automobile manufacturers and transport regulation authorities to minimize distracted driving. AC distraction can be fatal. The subject is now considered as mainstream while designing interiors of the vehicles.  

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